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So, I will start by categorizing gmail users into 2 categories :

Email is a vital means of communication, be it personal or work related.

I would categorize the email users as below :

1. People using gmail for personal communication

2. Business using gmail as their official email communication

First Category : People using gmail for personal communication

85% of the US population are active email users – that is about 246 million people

Gmail is also widely used in the US, occupying 53% of email service provider share , the rest being Yahoo!, outlook, iCloud, aol etc.

According to statistics on Gmail users in the USA, Gmail accounts for 130.9 million of the total email users in the US.

Second Category : People using gmail for Business communication

Just like Gmail, G Suite is a product of Google. However, it comes with a lot more features that favor businesses and business owners.

Gmail statistics for 2020 show that with G Suite, companies using Gmail accounts can now bypass the restriction of having a compulsory “@gmail.com” at the end of their email accounts. It allows businesses to create a Gmail account under Google with the extension “@yourcompanyname.com,” depending on what you want to name your company. G-suite also allows users access to other core Google products like Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Hangouts, etc.

60% of mid-sized companies and 92% of the startups in the US, use gmail for their mailing needs.

According to statista , 1.5 million jobs are created by the small and medium sized companies

Assuming 50% of 1.5 million jobs are created by small companies = 0.75 million jobs / accounts

Gmail users of small business : 0.75 * 92% = 0.69 million gmail accounts

Gmail users of mid sized companies : 0.75 * 0.6 = 0.45 million gmail accounts

Total gmail Business accounts : 1.14 million Business accounts

Total Gmail Users = 130.9 (Personal) + 1.14 (Business) = 132.04 million gmail users.

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