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To measure the success of a product it’s very important to understand the problem it’s trying to solve. I will assume that Google Hangout aims to make it easy for people to have chats and video calls with each other. I will also assume that we are going to define success around engagement. If the engagement is high, Google Hangout is successful. If it’s low, it’s not successful.

First, I would just go over the working of Google Hangout –

– User visits a chat page (group or with just another person)
– User either chats or clicks on “join call” to start the video call
– Once call is finished, user hangs up by either leaving the room or hanging up

Here are a few metrics that I can think about for measuring Google Hangout:

– Given Hangout’s integration into Google Calendar, many users add Google Hangout to their calendar invite. One metric to look at is % of remote Google Calendar meetings which occur with Google Hangout.
– In addition, I can see what % of video conference based calendar events scheduled via Google Calendar are on Google Hangout. This number helps me determine popularity of Google Hangout.
– I think one indication of the success of Google hangout is to determine the length of calls divided by length of Google Calendar invite. If the number is low, it’s an indication that people are ending the call early for reasons we need to understand.
– It would be important to know what % of Google Calendar meetings which include a Google Hangout actually do occur on Google Hangout. If the number is low, it could be an indication that the call participants run into problems and end up not having the call
– Another metric to look at would be what % of first timers using Google Hangout, come back and use it again within a period of time
– One more metric to look into would be the number of minutes it takes for all the call participants to join the call. If the number is low, it’s an indication that it’s easy for the participants to determine how to join the Google Hangout call
– Another metric to consider would be the number of times that someone starts and ends a call in one group. In some cases, I’ve seen this on Skype a lot, users struggle with starting a communication that everyone can hear video and audio. If this number is high, it means people are struggling with using the product
– To measure whether video conference is being used, I will look at % of Google hangout calls which include the video-enabled.
– Since Hangout can be opened via gmail. Another measure can be how many people use the chat option when logged in.

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